ESPN confirms a report that Cuban outfielder Yasmani Tomas has defected. According to the Communist Party newspaper Granma, as quoted by

From the same source, Granma learned of the departure from the country, through unscrupulous, illegal human trafficking, of he who was a player for the Industriales team, Yasmani Tomas.


1. Current baseballers will now earn lower wages because of this change in the supply of baseball services. Obviously.

2. If Tomas was so upset with his life and lack of opportunities in Cuba, he should’ve stayed there and worked to reform the system from the inside.

3. If he wanted to come to the United States, he should’ve gotten in line with everyone else instead of skipping to the front. We can’t reward that.

4. What additional paperwork will he need in states with vigorous immigration laws? What if he’s picked up by the White Sox and assigned to the Birmingham Barons, or if he ends up with the Arizona Diamondbacks or Atlanta Braves?