The Hoover Institution has launched a new journal titled Peregrine: American Immigration in the 21st Century. According to the introductory essay by Timothy Kane:

Peregrine is an online journal with a unique mission. Each issue will address one topic out of the many elements related to immigration in the US. This inaugural issue, in fact, asks the most basic question of all: What is the right amount of legal immigration? Historically, the Americas were open to all who could get here. The United States was a nation of immigrants before, during, and after the founding fathers rebelled from the King of England and declared their independence. Even today, over one million foreigners migrate to the US legally and permanently every year — a greater amount than any other country on Earth.

Each issue of Peregrine will consider a handful of new ideas for pragmatic, incremental reform. The topic of this inaugural issue is the optimal scale of legal migration.

Essays aren’t available yet, from what I can tell as of this writing, but each article brings with it a podcast interviewing one of the authors. Here’s the first, featuring the University of Chicago’s John Cochrane.

I’m excited about this, and I really hope it moves the conversation forward.