Econ Journal Watch editor Daniel Klein passes along two calls for papers for symposia in his journal:

Classical Liberalism in Econ, by Country Symposium

We invite proposals for papers on the status of classical liberalism in the economics profession in a particular country, to be published as a symposium in a future issue of Econ Journal Watch. Tell us which country you propose to write about, how you would go about doing it, what you’d expect to say, and why you are qualified to write such a paper. Send communications/​proposals to the chief editor Daniel Klein at

More at the link.

“Government Propaganda Watch” Symposium

Econ Journal Watch usually watches the economics profession, but in one future symposium we will ‘watch’ the government. We invite critiques of the propaganda of particular government agencies. The propaganda need not be expert government reports and the like; the focus may be on outreach propaganda such as government websites, pamphlets, speeches, educational videos, and so on.

We are looking for informed, scholarly, temperate criticism of claims made in government propaganda.

Send communications/​proposals to the chief editor Daniel Klein at

Klein is a leading thinker in the classical liberal tradition, so these are well worth considering. Here is a recent symposium in Studies in Emergent Order on his excellent and challenging book Knowledge and Coordination.