This Friday, I’ll be giving the keynote speech at a conference at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ.

The day-long conference (I’m the first speaker) is run by the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty and is titled “Avenues to Opportunity.” My talk is titled “The Power to Regulate is the Power to Destroy.” I first heard that line from Harold Demsetz when he spoke at the University of Winnipeg in January or February 1970.

One of the other speakers is former Arizona governor Doug Ducey, one of the few recent U.S. governors whom I admire.

Here are more details.

You can pre-register here.

If you do register, use the code a2o2023-friendsofscetl

By doing so, you’ll get a $20 discount.

If you attend, please come up and say hi before or after. I plan to attend the whole event.

The pics above are of Ducey and me.

UPDATE: The organizers have just announced that Doug Ducey has a conflict and will not be there.