I’m putting the finishing touches on my review of Piketty in the next few days and he makes reference to something that I don’t think exists. I’m wondering if that’s just because I don’t know how to make my way through his Technical Appendix or if he just slipped and forgot to put something in his Technical Appendix.

My guess is that some of you have worked your way through the Technical Appendix and might be able to tell me. On page 514, Piketty, discussing economists who have been critical of taxes on capital, writes:

Some economists have an unfortunate tendency to defend their private interest while implausibly claiming to champion the general interest.55

Then his footnote 55, on page 640, states:

For example, by using abstruse theoretical models designed to prove that the richest people should pay zero taxes or even receive subsidies. For a brief bibliography of such models, see the online technical appendix.

But my look at his online technical appendix yields no such bibliography. I’m guessing that it refers to work by, among others, my Hoover colleague Ken Judd. But I don’t know.

So here’s my request:

Can you find in his technical appendix such a bibliography? If so, are you willing to tell me how to find it?

Please, if you have comments on Piketty’s use of the ad hominem in the above, save them. That’s not what I’m interested in. I’m interested in solving my problem.