Changing technology means that more and more of our interactions with one another will take place through online platforms and games like Facebook and Minecraft. We’re just now scratching the surface of what virtual lives will look like, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that widespread internet access, powerful computers, and virtually limitless server space are creating a new reality. Indeed, I don’t want to call it “virtual” reality because it’s more than just a game. Reality 2.0, perhaps? Or the Matrix?

I hope the ability to “go Galt” at the margin by seceding from physical reality (at the margin) and joining Reality 2.0 (again, at the margin) provides a check against state encroachment. Governments would do well to consider that the internet is going to more than a place where people can go to buy drugs or avoid taxes. While we’ll probably always need physical food, clothing, and shelter, the internet is quite literally becoming an exit option: a place where people can go and live.

This is, I believe, part of Jeffrey Tucker’s vision with his creation of Liberty.Me, described as a “city in the cloud.”