A couple of weeks ago, I posted a video of Jonathan Gruber and me testifying on the economics of government mandates on employers to provide health insurance. We basically agreed on the analysis: the cost of those mandates is borne mainly by the employees in the form of lower pay. Jonathan was fine with that; I thought it was wrong for the government to do that, especially when many people would prefer higher pay and lower benefits.

The video link I provided, though, was very long and you had to work hard to get to our segment. When I posted on Facebook about my post, a FB friend, Taylor Davidson, took the initiative of going on to the C-SPAN site and forming a 12-minute video that, although it omits Ted Kennedy’s introduction of Gruber and me, gives the whole of our testimony.

The video is here. I would post it directly, but I’m not sure if doing so would violate copyright.