I make myself one large strong cup of coffee early every morning. I use 2 tbsp. of Peet’s Major Dickason’s Blend. But that’s a little too bitter. So I add almost 1 tbsp. of Gevalia Chocolate Mocha. The result is almost perfect.

The problem is that lately I’ve had trouble finding the Gevalia. I haven’t found it in a Safeway in months and the last two times I checked, Target didn’t have it. My supply will last until about Wednesday. I went on line and even Wal-Mart, which used to have it, didn’t have it available on line or at the local Marina store.

So Saturday morning, I went to Amazon.com and, sure enough, I found that I could get 2 12-oz. bags for $19.90. That will last me until next summer. There was no shipping charge because I’m an Amazon Prime member. So I ordered. Amazon promised that I would get it by Tuesday.

Late this afternoon, I was sitting in the front room of my house on the phone. I saw a U.S. Postal Service truck pull up in front. Out jumped an energetic young man and he started down my walk. So I went to the door to make his job easier. I couldn’t guess what the U.S. Postal Service–the U.S. Postal Service!–would be delivering on a Sunday afternoon.

I’m sure, though, that you’ve guessed by now: My Gevalia coffee, one day after I ordered and two days before it was due. Would the USPS be doing this if FedEx and UPS weren’t doing what they’re doing? I doubt it. Competition works–in coffee and in shipping.

I wonder where else competition works.