As soon as Tyler posted his “Totally Conventional Views Which I Hold,” I felt the urge to do the same.  In no particular order:

1. Most academics are out of touch with the real world and have little useful to say about it.

2. American democracy is dysfunctional and will not noticeably improve.

3. A U.S. fiscal crisis is coming in a couple of decades due to aging, but we’ll muddle through.

4. The E.U. will muddle through its current and impending problems, too.

5. Most old movies, poetry, and classic literature are boring.

6. Amazon and Netflix are awesome.

7. 80% of the bad stuff Democrats say about Republicans is true.

8. 80% of the bad stuff Republicans say about Democrats is true.

9. Unemployment of 5% or higher is extremely inefficient and socially dangerous.

10. You should marry someone who agrees with you on all important issues.  Life will provide you with all the conflict you need to keep things interesting.

11. You should marry for true love.

12. You should not travel to countries with murder rates over 1-in-10,000.

13. Work hard, avoid conflict, and you will be rewarded in the long-run.

14. Teens should be actively discouraged from pursuing long-shot careers in sports, art, music, literature, and space exploration.

15. Raising kids is the most meaningful thing most people will ever do with their lives.

16. Teenage boys should stop taking stupid risks, and teenage girls should stop associating with teenage boys who take stupid risks.

17. Most kids, no matter how rebellious, eventually turn into their parents.

18. You should buy a lot of stuff at CostCo.

19. With low interest rates and the mortgage interest deduction, buying a house that costs at least three years’ of pretax income is a great deal.

20. Bourgeois is best.

For contrast, here, here, and here are some of my less conventional views.