As you know if you follow presidential politics, there are 2 “debates” today among the candidates for the Republican nomination for president.

Here’s the question I would like one of the questioners to ask:

Some of you advocate compulsory E-Verify, a federal government program under which employers would be required to verify potential employees’ legal status before hiring them. Immigration analyst Alex Nowrasteh has called E-Verify “a Department of Motor Vehicles for the labor market.” Many of you have criticized Obamacare and other government initiatives by comparing them to the efficiency and friendliness of your state DMV. Do you think a compulsory E-Verify would work substantially better than the DMV? If so, why and if not, why not? Also, do you worry that this regulation will give the federal government too much power over employer-employee relations? If so, why and if not, why not? I ask this also of those of you who oppose E-Verify.