University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe announced today that he is resigning effective immediately. The incident that got much national coverage was a strike by many of the football players on the college team. But one of the earlier incidents, which seemed to have been a big motivator of the football strike, was a hunger strike by graduate student Jonathan Butler.

That’s interesting because one of Butler’s objections to President Wolfe was “graduate students being robbed of their health insurance.” If this is a big concern of Butler’s and not just a side issue, then Butler called for the wrong president to resign. He should have called for President Obama to resign. Why? Because what caused the University of Missouri to quit subsidizing graduate students’ health care was, you guessed it, Obamacare.

Here’s an excerpt from an August 17 report by Jennifer Kabbany:

The feds view grad students as “employees” and thus they are subject to the rules and regulations of Obamacare. With that, a bunch of University of Missouri grad students have lost their health insurance subsidies.

KOMU reports “MU said it can no longer pay for graduate students’ health insurance because of changes in federal health care policy under the Affordable Health Care Act.”

“MU said the IRS considers graduate students as employees of the university rather than students because they provide research and teaching assistance. The Affordable Care Act prohibits employers from giving employees money specifically to buy insurance under the individual market.”

“If the university does not comply with ACA standards, it could be fined $100 per day per student by the IRS,” KOMU pointed out.