One of my favorite Hoover colleagues, Alvin Rabuskha, in a post titled “Kudos to Econlog,” writes:

EconLog is among the top economics blogs and among my favorites. I open it daily and sometimes several times a day.

Its bloggers are smart and provocative: Bryan Caplan, David R. Henderson, Scott Sumner, Alberto Mingardi, and other guest bloggers from time to time. They are willing to take on establishment economics with wit, logic, and evidence.

What distinguishes EconLog from several hundred other economics blogs is that its authors are willing to debate each other, sometimes vigorously. This is refreshing. One cannot predict exactly how any given topic may be analyzed. This blog is economics conversation at its best.

Thank you, Alvin.

He continues:

Which led me to thinking. Are there any other economics blogs or think tanks that put their internal intellectual disagreements out for the public to read? Are their fellows reluctant to criticize each other lest they displease their bosses and donors? Have think tank papers and posts become predictable due to age and donor bias? Is bigness itself an enemy of innovation and disruption in the world of ideas?