In Mastering ‘Metrics, Angrist and Pischke write:

[S]ome people cut their schooling short so as to pursue more
immediately lucrative activities.  Sir
Mick Jagger abandoned his pursuit of a degree at the London School of Economics
in 1963 to play with an outfit known as the Rolling Stones… No less impressive,
Swedish épée fencer Johan Harmenberg left MIT after 2 years of study in 1979,
winning a gold medal in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, instead of earning and MIT
diploma.  Harmenberg went on to become a
biotech executive and successful researcher. 
These examples illustrate how people with high ability – musical,
athletic, entrepreneurial, or otherwise – may be economically successful
without the benefit of an education. 
This suggests that… ability bias, can be negative as easily as positive.

My challenge: Outliers aside, name any measured ability that on average falls as education rises.  I’m looking for simple averages, nothing fancy.