Short answer: Yes.

Co-blogger Scott Sumner wrote yesterday:

Richard Rorty once said something to the effect that if you claim X is actually true, despite most people believing it to be false, you are implicitly forecasting that most people will eventually recognize X as true. (As there is no such thing as objective truth.)

I haven’t read Rorty and so it’s possible that Scott is mischaracterizing Rorty’s views. But on the assumption that Scott has Rorty’s views right, I want to respond. So you can take this as a response to Rorty or as a response to Scott. In this latter case, I’m assuming that Scott holds the view he attributes to Rorty. If not, Scott can correct me.

Long answer

Who won the recent Super Bowl? Was it Denver or Carolina? In which century did Abraham Lincoln live? Was it the 19th century?

Are you sure?