We are hearing more and more about 18-to-22 year old college students demanding “safe spaces” on campuses where not only they won’t be insulted or verbally attacked but also their most cherished views will not be challenged. Various people who, like me, have little respect for such people, think that they probably do not belong on a college campus.

But the odds that they will leave college in response to such advice are low. Is there another way for them to deal with people who challenge their views and even verbally attack them?

Yes, there is, and that way was modeled by Hilde Kate Lysiak, a 9-year-old who published Orange Street News. Hot on the trail of a suspected murder, she gave this report. Many people who commented, I was heartened to see, were saying, basically, “you go, girl.”

But there were some meanies, one of whom even used the f-word on a 9-year old. Take a look at her response. A lot of people could learn from that.

HT2 Lenore Skenazy.