Malcolm Gladwell has a new podcast project, Revisionist History. The second episode relates the RAND/Pentagon study of enemy combatants during the Vietnam war. Can you measure morale???

The world of self-driving cars is getting a lot closer than I thought. Lots going on: I’m sure I would scream in the demo, too!

I found this interesting reflection on the great Jorge Luis Borges in Longreads. The author was initially drawn to Borges because she found him “so benevolently and self-effacingly un-capitalist.” It’s an interesting discussion of Borges’s personal financial history, and how this may have influenced Borges’s literary output. (It also reminded me of this laudatory post from blogger Alberto on another Latin American literary hero and classical liberal, Mario Vargas Llosa.)

The situation in Venezuela continues to deteriorate. The PamAmPost pointedly blames 21st century socialism for what is now a humanitarian crisis. For more, see Emily Skarbek’s earlier post on why Hayek wouldn’t be surprised by what’s happening in Venezuela today.

And in the so-sad-it’s-almost-funny category, did Brits really know what they were voting for in this week’s referendum?

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What else are you reading this weekend?