At this writing, the odds that Hillary Clinton will defeat Donald Trump for the U.S. presidency are very high.

If your concern is trade between Canada and the United States, Canada dodged a bullet. Donald Trump is hostile to trade, mainly with China but also, it appears, with anyone outside U.S. borders. He has never shown an inkling of understanding about the benefits of trade and, although he’s inconsistent on many things, Trump has been a steady opponent of foreign trade.

I recall a news item about a speech he gave against NAFTA in Fresno, California in 1993 or 1994. He told his audience that Mexican businessmen favoured NAFTA and, therefore, it couldn’t be good for the U.S. This showed that he didn’t understand the basic economics of trade. In any trade, both sides gain or, at least, expect to gain. And unless what they get in return is a big disappointment, they do gain. Otherwise, they wouldn’t trade. And if they got disappointment after disappointment, they wouldn’t keep trading. Trump didn’t understand that.

So the good news is that Canada will likely dodge the Trump bullet. The bad news: Canada won’t dodge the Hillary Clinton bullet.

This is from my “Canada can’t dodge two ‘trade’ bullets shot from the U.S.Fraser Forum, October 24, 2016.

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I would add, by the way, that Canadians, like the rest of us, should be very worried about the military policy of both major candidates, and possibly especially of Hillary Clinton, given her pro-war views. There are many bullets.