This morning I made blueberry pancakes, a special treat, using fresh blueberries.

Fresh blueberries. In December. On the shortest, and one of the coldest, days of the year. How could that be?

Here’s how: They’re from Peru.

When I look at blueberries at our local supermarket this time of year, I never buy them because a small container is priced at about $5. But this container, which contains approximately 4 times as many as the ones at my supermarket, was selling at Costco for a little over $5. So I bought them.

We often hear people say that we’re not winning at trade. I have in mind one person in particular who says that a lot and who is about to become a very powerful politician. But people who say that leave out a huge benefit from trade, namely, what we get in return for what we give. In trading my money indirectly to someone who produced blueberries in Peru, I got, drumroll please, blueberries. Yum!