I’m still looking for cost-effective ways to promote freer immigration.  But one EconLog reader, who prefers to be known solely as “Isaac,” is forging ahead with the best tools he’s got.  Reprinted with Isaac’s permission…


Based entirely on following your blog and watching videos of your
debates, I became an open borders supporter and keenly concerned with
the plight of third-worlders being forcibly prevented from moving to the
first world. 
As a Chicago-based attorney and law firm owner, I realized that I
could help by taking an asylum case pro bono. I received training and
support from the NIJC,
and represented a woman from Eritrea that was detained since last
winter in a county detention center in Southern Illinois. She was
tortured and imprisoned for reporting her superior officer for groping
her and preventing her from seeing her family, and this was after being
forced to serve in the national service for 7 years (i.e. indefinite
forced labor). I’m so glad she was able to escape.
I’m overjoyed to report that I very recently convinced an
immigration judge to grant her asylum. She was released immediately and,
as we speak, is journeying to Austin, Texas with the help of a refugee
I seriously doubt I would have had the energy or inclination to
take on such a case, pro bono, without coming in contact with your
writings and philosophy. Thanks for unwittingly convincing me to do so!