Hey, Kevin Durant, quit being a ball hog; pass it to Lebron.

I was thinking of writing a post about the absurdity of the recent EU antitrust case against Google, but Walter Block beat me to it with a reductio ad absurdum.

In response to a request from a reader, Walter wrote the following:

The anti trust authorities should fine team sports members (soccer, basketball, football) for passing the ball to their own team members rather than competitors. They should for a portion of the time (that portion to be determined by economists, using econometrics, in a full employment initiative for dismal scientists and statisticians) pass the ball to members of the competing team. After all, that would only be fair. Passing to one’s own team members is an unfair use of monopoly power (when it is in their possession, they are “monopolizing” the ball). Let’s take a look at the statistics. The leaders in the NBA for assists, and in the NFL for passes completed, should be fined. That’ll teach ’em to favor their own team-mates over their competitors. Hey, fair is fair. Obama missed a bet when he didn’t appoint me to head up the anti trust division of the so-called department of justice.