My next big book, The Case Against Education, is now available for preorder.  Yes, I know, it’s been a long time coming: I actually posted the first page on EconLog ten years ago, and have been working on the project in earnest since 2011. 

Should regular blog readers buy it?  Absolutely.  While it’s a book-length defense of the empirical importance of the signaling model of education, it’s also an interdisciplinary odyssey through the subtleties of the economics, psychology, sociology, and philosophy of education.  It’s probably the longest and most research-intensive book I’ll ever write.  EconLog fans will know the gist of my story, but I’ve never blogged most of the topics in the book.  Furthermore, in the process of writing, I’ve
changed my mind about several key issues – including the practical relevance of the so-called “ban” on IQ
testing for employment.  And if you’ve ever found my writing entertaining, the sentences in The Case Against Education are as entertaining as I get.

Physical books should ship in January, but a homemade preorder certificate still makes a great holiday stocking stuffer.  Isn’t the book too depressing for the holidays?  Not at all.  The discovery that major policies could be vastly improved is always reason for joyous celebration…