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As we welcome a new year, we remain anxious as ever to keep bringing you the best in economics and liberty. But we also want to take a moment to share some of the highlights of our last year…

We’re still collecting responses in our annual EconTalk listener survey, which we’ll share soon. In the meantime, here are the Articles you read most in 2017. Did your favorites make the list?

P.S. Don’t miss this month’s all NEW articles (not included in these rankings)…

10. Pierre Lemieux, The Economics of Political Balderdash (April, 2017)

9. Arnold Kling, The Pros and Cons of Liberty (May, 2017)

8. Arnold Kling, Ideas and Economic Growth (January, 2017)

7. Arnold Kling, The Sociology of Sociologists (October, 2017)

6. David Henderson, Why Predatory Pricing is Highly Unlikely (May, 2017)

5. Pierre Lemieux, Boeing vs. Bombardier (September, 2017)

4. Robert Murphy, Opting Out of Social Security (March, 2017)

3. Dan Klein and Don Boudreaux, The ‘Trade Deficit’: Defective Language, Deficient Thinking (June, 2017)

2. Robert Murphy, The Private Production of Roads (July, 2017)

1. Arnold Kling, The Practitioner’s Challenge (July, 2017)