June 2021 ISSUE

Nikole Hannah-Jones vs the UNC Board of Governors: Academic Freedom for Whom?

By Michael Munger

What is academic freedom, and who has it? I ask because near where I live in North Carolina there has recently arisen a controversy sparked by a process that is usually boring and bureaucratic, an academic tenure case. The University of North Carolina is recruiting Niko...

Etatism and Totalitarianism: The Legacy of Mises’s Omnipotent Government

By Alberto Mingardi

A Liberty Classic Book Review of Omnipotent Government: The Rise of the Total State and Total War, by Ludwig von Mises. Liberty Fund.1 Classical liberalism "had a good war." In 1944, two seminal books in this tradition of thought were published. The first of thes...

Drop Your Intellectual Defenses

By Arnold Kling

So if our instincts undervalue truth, that's not surprising—our instincts evolved in a different world, one better suited to the soldier. Increasingly, our world is becoming one that rewards the ability to see clearly, especially in the long run; a world in whic...

No Yolk: Shortages and Spikes in the Time of COVID

By Trey Malone and Jayson L. Lusk

Now more than one year since the onset of COVID-19, empty grocery store shelves and panicked shoppers have become the sine qua non of the pandemic's disruptions. Eggs, a common staple food, experienced some of the most dramatic price increases. From February to April 20...
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