May 2021 ISSUE

No Yolk: Shortages and Spikes in the Time of COVID

By Trey Malone and Jayson L. Lusk

Now more than one year since the onset of COVID-19, empty grocery store shelves and panicked shoppers have become the sine qua non of the pandemic's disruptions. Eggs, a common staple food, experienced some of the most dramatic price increases. From February to April 20...

Black Power Gained, Black Agency Sacrificed

By Arnold Kling

If you were black, and thus a victim of racial oppression, this new morality of social justice meant you could not be expected to carry the same responsibility as others. The point was that the American society no longer had the moral authority to enforce a single...

Public Choice and Statecraft in the Euro Crisis

By Nils Karlson

Book Review of The Politics of Bad Options: Why the Eurozone's Problems Have Been Hard to Resolve, by Stefanie Walter, Ari Ray, and Nils Redeker.1 The Euro and the Economic and Monetary Union were introduced to promote trade, deeper economic integration, and ...

Parenting Tips (and Other Helpful Advice) for Economists

By Michael L. Davis

If you're currently parenting a 5-year old or remember what that was like, you can skip over the next few paragraphs. You've lived this story before. For the rest of you, here's the scene. It's 6:30 on a school night. Daniela has finished her dinner. (And, no, ...
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