“This is an event that we paid [the Bernie Sanders campaign] for. This is an event — we bought this space,” the campaign official explained when [Kaitlin] Bennett protested. “I’m going to ask you one more time,” he said before threatening to turn the matter over to security.

“Can someone tell me what I did?” Bennett asked as she was being escorted out of the building. “I need to know what rules I violated.”

A security guard told her that it was a private event, therefore, it’s considered private property.

“It’s considered private property and a private event,” the security guard explained.

This is from Debra Heine, “Conservative Journalist Ejected from Bernie Sanders Town Hall in Ohio,” PJ Media, April 14, 2019.

Presumably the security guard was told by the Sanders campaign that it was a private event and, therefore, the campaign had the right to evict her.

We often hear people say, when they observe hypocrisy, that the hypocrite should practice what he preaches. I would like Bernie and his aides to do the opposite: preach what they practice. They understand the value of private property. They understand that paying for the use of the facility gives them the power to set the rules. Good. Then they should preach that for others. They should defend the rights of others, and not just of themselves, to use their property as they see fit. Think of how many of the things Bernie advocates he would have to disown if he stood by the principle that he insisted that this young woman respect.

Aside: One thing that makes this a little ambiguous is that it isn’t quite private property. The Sanders campaign apparently held the event in a government school.