Believe it or not, there are times you shouldn’t shelter in place…

Times you should not shelter in place

When you suspect you’re having a heart attack or stroke
When you are seriously or critically ill
When you normally wouldn’t have given a second thought about going to the Emergency Department
One of the disheartening fallouts from COVID-19 is that we are seeing some patients put off their emergency care because of fear about COVID-19 at hospitals.

We want you to know:
We are not overrun with COVID-19 patients at Community Hospital or in our Emergency Department
We separate COVID-19 suspected and confirmed patients from the rest of our patient population
We have resources that can help members of our community get the care they need or get help assessing their health situation — MoGo Urgent Care clinics in Monterey and Marina, eVisits, and telehealth video visits.
Please don’t delay the treatment you might need. And please don’t be afraid — your safety always has been, and still is, our top priority.

This is an email I received a few minutes ago from the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. We locals call it “CHOMP.” Some call it that with anger because the prices are quite high. I call it CHOMP lovingly because back in December 1995 CHOMP saved my life for $2,000. Most was paid by insurance, but even out of pocket my life was worth at least $2,000, maybe even $5,000. 🙂

I wrote about it in an op/ed titled “Make Money Off My Sickness, Please.” I also wrote about in my health care chapter in The Joy of Freedom: An Economist’s Odyssey.