I’ve seen multiple YouTube videos of Q&A sessions when Dinesh D-Souza gives talks at universities. He often gets his share of hostile comments and I wondered how he would be treated at Stanford when he spoke there last month. So I watched the first few minutes of his speech and then jumped to Q&A. The talk is titled “The moral case for Trump’s wall.” It probably goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: I’m not a fan of the wall.

The bottom line: The questions and comments from even the students who clearly disagree with D’Souza were uniformly civil and D’Souza responded in kind. Beyond the tone, there was a lot of good discussion. I haven’t checked all of D’Souza’s facts but if they are correct (and I already know that some of them are correct), then he knocked it out of the park. He said at the start of the Q&A that he wanted hostile questions. I don’t know him, but I would bet that he ended up appreciating that the tone was not that hostile. He seemed to say that at the end.

I was especially impressed by the honesty of the young woman who challenged him in the last question (at the 1:18:15 point) and D’Souza’s answers to her.

Also, I liked his discussion of young people at the 1:05:00 point.