I read about 20 to 25 web sites a day and one I look at regularly is Instapundit. For those who don’t know, it was started by University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds some years ago and the title is descriptive. He and his co-bloggers post almost 100 entries a day and it is “Insta.” That is, a lot of the posts are simply links with one-line descriptions or brief additions. Occasionally, though, the posts are longer.

While Glenn Reynolds and his co-bloggers seem to be largely conservatives, and, unlike me, are incredibly hostile to illegal immigration (and almost never argue for more legal immigration), one person stands out lately. Her name is Gail Heriot. She’s a law professor at the University of San Diego, and I find myself learning from pretty much everything she writes. She calmly analyzes the issues. I don’t exactly know how to peg her politically. She seems conservative with a strong whiff of libertarianism.

The most-recent post by her that was informative for me was her post on March 6 recognizing the 49th anniversary of the blowing up of the bomb produced by the Weather Underground. It happened during my last 2 months of college and, being a Type A who wanted all A’s, I was pretty busy and hardly noticed it. But her post points out that one of the people involved in the Weather Underground robbery of the Brinks truck was Kathy Boudin who is now, no kidding, an assistant professor at Columbia University.

I go quickly through the Instapundit posts because I find only about 10% of them worth clicking on. Although note that 10% of 100 is still 10, so that’s a lot per day. But the posts I virtually always read are by Gail Heriot.

Indeed, I have been so impressed by her that recently, when I saw her advertising for a summer intern for a position that apparently paid zero, I contacted a young friend and recommended that he apply. (He didn’t because he is going in a different direction professionally.)