The video of my debate on the $15 minimum wage, with Professor Alan Manning of the London School of Economics, is out.

You’ll find that it starts abruptly. I had asked them to record it and then, after the introductions, reminded them. They had forgotten to record. That’s why it starts where it starts.

1:30 to about 12:30: Professor Manning makes his case for the $15 minimum wage.

12:40 to 23:40: I make my case against.

24:00: Professor Amanda Starc leads with a number of questions and Alan and I go back and forth.

(About the 27:00 point is where I make the point I made in an earlier post about competition among employers.)

46:00: Student Q&As.

56:20: Poll.

Update: I forgot to mention that Jonathan Meer, an economics professor at Texas A&M University, provided me with the data on black men and on the median wage of workers in rural New York state. Thanks, Jonathan.