I never worked harder than I did in the summer of 2016 at the John Locke Institute‘s summer seminars in France.  One day I gave nine hour-long lectures, and had several more hours interacting with students throughout the day.  But it was great fun; the students were full of curiosity and enthusiasm, and candor ran high.  And the reason I gave so many lectures was that every class was very small – often just five students.

This year, COVID policy permitting, I’m rejoining the John Locke Institute’s summer program.  Now, however, both seminars are in Oxford.  I’ll be doing the Politics, Philosophy, and Economics Summer School from July 18-31, followed by the Humanities Conference from August 12-21.  (Bonus: My sons will be math econ tutors).  In between, we’ll be touring the UK.

If you’re interested in attending, please apply now.  And if you’d like to meet up in Oxford or elsewhere in the UK, let’s try to make it happen!