Mixing politics and science

Freddie Sayers, at UnHerd, has an excellent 30-minute podcast with Cyrille Cohen, head of immunology at Bar Ilan University and an advisor to the Israeli government on vaccines.

Cohen is so unlike Anthony Fauci. Fauci talks like a politician; Cohen talks like a truth-seeking scientist, maybe because he is.

At the link, Sayers gives a summary of the main points.

I was so pleased to see Cohen not only admit that closing schools was a mistake but also apologize for having recommended it.

My favorite line comes at about the 14:35 point in response to Sayers’s question about whether it was strange to see the tremendous attacks on people who talked positively about mainstream concepts like herd immunity.

Cohen replied, “If you mix politics and immunology or health sciences, at the end of the day you get politics.”


HT2 Todd Zywicki.