Long before he became a libertarian, John Stossel was a consumer reporter on the ABC News. His specialty was reporting on seedy companies. That’s what won him a lot of Emmies.

Now John has returned to his roots, reporting on a seedy company or, more correctly, a company that occasionally engages in seedy behavior, named Google. The difference this time: he doesn’t advocate regulating the firm to change its bad behavior. Instead, he reports on its bad behavior and calls it creepy. And guess what? It has already worked. John had a YouTube video showing that socialism is violent. Google, which owns YouTube, judged that it was a bad idea to show young people that socialism is violent and so Google restricted it to adults. After John reported on it, Google relented.

One caveat: John refers to what Google did as censorship. It’s not censorship. It may be creepy, as John claims, but its actions are not censorship.