It depends on the issue.

Reason editor (and my friend) Katherine Mangu-Ward writes:

As Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube have become consumed by controversy over moderation, governance, and the definition of free speech, Wikipedia quietly continues to grow in utility, trustworthiness, and comprehensiveness.

In a literal sense, she may be right.Wikipedia may have become more trustworthy without being very trustworthy.

On issues like sports and other areas where there is not much political controversy, Wikipedia is great. But John Stossel has laid out in some detail Wikipedia’s left-wing bias that causes simple factual statements that don’t fit left-wing narratives to be deleted, often within a day, sometimes within minutes.

See, for example, what Stossel finds about the Hunter Biden laptop controversy, starting at about 2:30.

Stossel points out, at about 7:30, that when he brought this to the attention of Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, Wales quit communicating with him.

Maybe Katherine could still say that Wikipedia grows in trustworthiness. After all, it finally admits that Communism killed millions of people. It didn’t use to.

The picture above is of Jimmy Wales.