I’ve spent from 7:30 this morning to 1:30 this afternoon working on my next article for the Hoover Institution’s on-line publication, Defining Ideas. I’m putting the labor back in Labor Day.

Before I go home, I want to highlight a few Labor Day thoughts.

From my article “Honor Laborers,” which appeared on September 5, 2016:

Most Americans think of Labor Day as part of a long weekend and the unofficial end of summer. It was originally meant, though, to recognize the contributions of labor unions. I recommend a third alternative: use Labor Day to honor laborers.

Read the whole thing.

From Timothy Taylor, “Taming the Demon of Work,” September 2, 2019:

When my wife was getting an MBA, it was common to hear advice about career choices along the lines of “find your bliss” or “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I sometimes have periods of several consecutive hours, or even an entire day, when I love what I do. But I also love some non-work parts of my life, and get much of my personal sense of value from those other parts. I would make a lousy monk. But they offer a useful thought experiment for reflecting on one’s choices about work-life balance.