The Reading Lists by Topic pages contain some suggested readings organized by topic, including materials available on Econlib. Brief reviews or descriptions are included for many items. Many of these materials are advanced and are most suitable for post-college students.



Price Theory and Principles Textbooks

Information, Markets, and Spontaneous Order

The Invisible Hand

Mathematics, Game Theory, and Quantitative Theory


Capital and Investment

Business Cycles

Money Demand and Supply

Classics in Money and Banking


Interest Rates and Uncertainty

International Economics

Comparative Advantage

Free Trade

Development and Investment

Public Economics

Public Finance and Public Economics Textbooks, Public Choice

Population and Demographics

Population and Labor Mobility


Inequality and Discrimination


Wages and the Marginal Product of Labor

Economics of Health

Economics of Education

Welfare, Social Security

Law and Economics

Law, Property Rights, and Institutions

Industrial Organization

Market Structure, Firms, and Institutional Organization

Economic Growth

Development and Investment

Environmental Economics and Natural Resources

Technological Change

Economic History

General Economic History

Macroeconomic and Monetary History

Race, Slavery, and Economics

War, Colonialism, and Imperialism

Methodology and History of Thought

Pre-1800 Economic Thought, Including Mercantilism

1800-1900: Economics Classics, including Neoclassical Thought

Laissez Faire and the Role of the State

Capitalism and Socialism

Austrian Economics

History of Economic Thought: What is Economics?

Nobel Laureates


Economics and Ethics


Novels, Short Stories, and Science Fiction