As regular readers of my posts know, I oppose lockdowns, favor vaccines, oppose government hyping the threat of Covid to children, and oppose government mask mandates.

So when life starts to look kind of normal, especially for children, I cheer.

I had much to cheer about last night, Halloween. Normally, we have 50 to 100 children come by and collect candy. Last year, we had 3. This year we had just over 60.

Many of them wore masks, of course, because those were part of the costumes. But they were typically masks with holes for nose and mouth. In other words, they weren’t the kind you use to prevent the spread of Covid.

Also, I didn’t see kids or their parents fretting about the fact that I wasn’t wearing rubber gloves while handing out candy.

All in all, a normal evening.

A couple of fun highlights: My pleasure is in asking the kids what they’re dressed up as because if it isn’t ghosts, witches, clowns, or Captain America, I don’t know. One young girl, who was probably about 10 or 11, said she was a character from Harry Potter and then with total pride told me she had read every Potter book and seen every Potter movie. Towards about 8:30, when the teenagers were coming by, one had a fun snarky comment. His friends had each been saying “Trick or treat.” He said, “I’ve been saying ‘Trick or treat’ all night. I’m due for a trick.”

One interesting thing I noticed. We live in a fairly pricy neighborhood where there are not a lot of Latinos. But in a typical year, about 35% of the kids are Latino. This year I would put it at about 15 to 20%.