A long-time friend and I have come up with a bet to test our views of the world. We both see Donald Trump self-destructing in some ways, mainly with tweets. But I see the Democrats self-destructing too, on the Kavanaugh nomination and on impeachment. It’s hard for me to think of a Democrat who has a chance at the 2020 Presidential nomination who at the same time won’t alienate the median voter. Plus, if the economy continues to grow, even with a growth rate of a little over 2%, Trump will have that going for him.

Here’s our bet:

If Donald Trump is re-elected president in 2020 for a second term, Tom Nagle will pay David $300.

Conditional upon Donald Trump not being removed from office (or resigning to avoid removal, or leaving due to death or illness) before the next presidential election in 2020, David will pay Tom $100 if Donald Trump fails to win a second term.