To help you celebrate the pre-order launch for Open Borders, here’s…

1. The official website.

2. Zach Weinersmith’s celebratory launch comic!

3. Promotion #1: I will do personalized podcasts for the three people who buy the MOST copies today.  Just email me a screen cap of your Amazon order.  And remember: Even precocious kids can enjoy this book, so please think of the children!

4. Promotion #2: If you’re an educator and you assign Open Borders for your course, I will do a Skype session with your class.  Since the book releases on October 29, you can definitely assign it for the latter half of the Fall 2019 semester.  The book works well for a wide variety of classes, including Labor Economics, Development, Global Justice, Public Choice, Political Economy, Policy Analysis, Political Philosophy, and of course anything with “Immigration” in the title!