Last month, one of my favorite Hoover colleagues, Harvard professor Paul E. Peterson, interviewed me about Charley Hooper’s and my Wall Street Journal article on the lockdown-induced losses to young people.

This is part of his Education Exchange series.

Here are the approximate times and topics:

1:20 to 9:00: The elderly.

9:10: Young people.

10:05: Young people and schools; Bryan Caplan’s research on signaling; WWII data.

14:50: FDA.

18:00: Asian flu.

20:30: CDC as a political animal.

22:20: Why Florida governor Ron DeSantis deserves at most 2 cheers.

24:00: My proposed $50 offer to potential vaccination recipients (which, admittedly, I have done nothing about in the intervening 2 weeks).

24:30: Why I don’t cheer Biden.

26:00: What to do next time.

By the way, at the end of the recording, I told his technician, who hadn’t heard the story, about how Paul, as a teenager in a Minnesota government school, got totally into history because a teacher used the whole class period to leave the classroom to smoke. Paul was impressed that I remembered that story. I tend to remember people’s stories about incidents that made a huge impact, especially a positive one, in their lives.