Nick Gillespie of Reason has done one of the best interviews I’ve seen from him, and that’s a fairly high bar. It’s of my friend and co-author (on hopefully a forthcoming journal publication) Phil Magness. Phil is the most productive 40-something in the world on issues I’m interested in.

He found huge problems with Nikole Hannah-Jones 1619 Project. He called out Princeton history professor Kevin Kruse for plagiarism. He’s found huge problems in Nancy MacLean’s hatchet job on James Buchanan. He finds some pretty scary thinking behind Hans-Hermann Hoppe’s work that’s critical of immigration. And one of his latest targets is Karl Marx.

The interview is long, but I found I could easily follow it and take notes with it at 1.25 speed.

The first few minutes are about Kruse’s plagiarism. At about 8:30, they turn to Nancy MacLean. At about 13:00, they turn to Nikole Hannah-Jones.

They then turn to the sea change in academia that has occurred since I became an assistant professor in 1975.

Some other highlights, with approximate times:

28:50: George Mason University economics department and law school as Moneyball.

33:40: Phil’s resources versus Nancy MacLean’s.

42:00: Interesting comment on Victor Davis Hanson.

43:45: Ludwig von Mises on migration.

44:00: Hans-Herman Hoppe inverts Mises’ thoughts. Hoppe is a Habermasian critical theorist and a fan of eugenicism.

50:30: Fascinating story about Mises attending Keynes’s talk in Germany in 1926, a talk that later led to Keynes’s “The End of Laissez-Faire,” and then writing a critique in which he calls Keynes out for talking positively about eugenic theory with actual Nazis in the audience.

54:25: David Hume on Oliver Cromwell. I realize the deficiencies in my Grade 10 correspondence course on British History. Either this wasn’t covered or I totally missed it or forgot it.

56:30: Marx as almost a nobody until the fateful year 1917.

1:02:20: No citations to “neo-liberal” before 1990.

1:04:45: NIMBY housing policy making it really hard for the young generation.

1:10:00: Rhode Island governor Gina Raimondo (who is now Secretary of Commerce) setting up illegal border check points.

1:13:50: Neil Ferguson’s opening to push extreme lockdown policies.