This poll caught my eye:

This shows everything that is wrong with polling.  I wouldn’t even know how to answer the second question, because I don’t see what they are asking.  Required by whom?  Should there be a law requiring that everyone be vaccinated before boarding an airplane?  Of course not.  Should airlines require vaccination?  That’s up to them, but it certainly makes more sense than requiring that people take off their shoes before boarding, or that they wear a seatbelt.

Perhaps I’m unusual, although I know many people that feel the same way.  On the other hand, maybe the “many people I know” are all quite unusual.

For some reason, poll questioners really struggle with the distinction between, “is X a good idea” and “should X be mandated.” I see the two getting mixed up quite frequently.  On the other hand, maybe the public also struggles to distinguish between those two views.  After all, pollsters are people too.

PS.  Should children be required to brush their teeth?  And if so, by whom?  Parents?  Government officials?