While watching TV last night, I turned briefly to the Emmys and saw a lot of people in close quarters indoors joyously singing a song. Good for them. One of the biggest losses from the government’s lockdowns is the socialization that is so much a part of our being human. “Man is a social animal,” said Aristotle, and man, are we ever seeing how true that is!

Here’s what I wonder. I wonder how many of those few dozen people I saw shame others who don’t wear masks or, even worse, advocate mask mandates.

There’s an old line: “Practice what you preach.” But that’s not apposite here.

What I want them to do is preach what they practice.

They practice not wearing masks. Then they should preach against mask usage for the vaccinated and against government mask mandates. Maybe some of them already do. Good. All of them should.

Note: the pic above is of a group at the Emmys last night.

UPDATE: Check out the San Francisco mayor’s justification for going maskless at another singing event. She gets to decide what is an important event that justifies going maskless. As well she should be able to. But so should we.