The U.S. economy should be liberated from the government’s lockdowns right away.

Tuesday, April 21, 6:00 p.m. EDT.

The debate will be live-streamed via Zoom to a limited audience, who will be able to write in questions during the debate that might be used during the Q&A segment. Live-stream registration will be offered to members of the Soho Forum’s Inner Circle Private Facebook group — and Inner Circle members must register in order to participate in the live-stream.

Those who do not have Facebook for various reasons, but who would like to join the live event, can make a $10-minimum donation to the Reason Foundation through this link (the $ will be deposited in the Soho Forum’s account), and then email to request the registration link.

Everyone, including those who wait to watch the debate once it’s released by Reason, will be given the opportunity to participate in Oxford-style before-and-after voting. The resolution has been placed at, and we invite you to cast your initial vote. Please note that you will need to vote with the same device both times for your vote to count in the final tally.

Once the live debate is over, the voting app will start accepting final votes from those who have participated in the live-stream. Reason will release the video and audio two-and-a-half days later, on Friday, April 24. The final vote will be held open until 12:00 noon ET on Tuesday, April 28, to give people time to watch or listen and cast their vote. Only then will the winner be announced.

Please join us for the Soho Forum’s first online debate!

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