Here’s a video of an interview that Paris Schutz of WTTW, the PBS channel in Chicago, did on the expansion of the child tax credit. Jeremy Rosen argued for and I argued against.

Funny story: I got on the Zoom and within a minute or two Jeremy got on. I didn’t know who he was, figuring he might be the interviewer. We got into a friendly chat about where he lives, working during the lockdown, etc. Then he said words to the effect, “This Hoover guy is sure to have a different view on this.” I answered, “I am the Hoover guy.”

See how I handled Schutz’s false statement that I’m a conservative. I’ve been playing with how to handle it in the future. Here’s what I’m thinking:

If a conservative is someone who thinks the government should let anyone move here from anywhere in the world as long as he’s not a criminal and not carrying a communicable disease, if a conservative is someone we thinks the government should legalize all drugs, and if a conservative is someone who thinks we should cut the U.S. defense budget by 70 percent, then yes, I’m a conservative.