I’ve been recovering from eye surgery since Thursday afternoon and so have spent more time than usual watching TV. (The World Cup soccer, by the way, has been really fun; I loved Germany’s last-minute win with a beautiful set-piece goal yesterday.)

Last night my wife and I watched “Still Mine,” a movie that I hadn’t heard about. It’s based on a true story. (Spoiler alert: if you read the link on the true story, some of the suspense might be ruined.)

It’s a very libertarian, pro-property rights, anti -absurd government regulation movie. It’s about a man who decides to build a one-story house on his own property in the province of New Brunswick in Canada, a house that will work better for him and his wife, who has dementia. The man has learned to build well and so doesn’t understand why a government agency needs to judge his building standards. But he’s not implacable. He tries to work with them, to show them that his standards are actually higher than those in the rules. But what matters to the government bureaucracy is, surprise, surprise, the rules, not what the rules are allegedly designed to accomplish.

Any movie that I rate a 7 or above out of 10 is one that I am glad I saw. I would give this one at least an 8.5.