Co-blogger Bryan Caplan’s excellent post yesterday about how he has taken care of his health–I never knew he had such maladies–made me think of my own story and that of my daughter, Karen Henderson.

A few years ago when I went to my cottage in Canada, I did more walking than usual and worsened what had been a mild case of planter fasciitis. Then I discovered pickleball there my last of my vacation and played it way too long. Then I did most of the cottage closing by myself, which put me on my feet a lot. By the time I came home I was miserable.

I avoided walking much and it got slightly better but then I would start doing more than 20-minute walks, it got worse. My daughter, Karen, who was home from San Francisco for a weekend and who teaches Pilates, gave me a simple exercise to do and told me that I should go to  Fleet Feet in Monterey and get special shoes because they measure your foot and choose shoes and inserts that are appropriate. I did that within a few days and I started doing the exercise she recommended. Within a week the planter fasciitis was pretty much gone. When it starts to come back, I realize that I’ve been walking but forgetting to do the exercise for 2 or 3 days in a row. So I start doing it regularly and bam, the pain goes away.

Here’s my daughter’s story of an even bigger of self care that ended up helping her choose her career.