Bloomberg has an article discussing a US planning session for a global pandemic, which took place in 2019:

Last October, about 50 national security experts gathered in Washington to role-play a global response to a frightening scenario: a pandemic sparked by a mysterious new coronavirus ravages the world, hitting North Asia, Europe and the U.S. especially hard.

They got many things right, but were wrong about one aspect of the policy response:

One thing it got badly wrong: Those involved — a mix of professors, international-relations theorists, intelligence experts and others — assumed the U.S. would lead the global response. . . .

“Usually, when we see a global crisis like this you would expect there to be more international cooperation, more collaboration,” said Yanzhong Huang, director of the Center for Global Health Studies at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. “That kind of spirit of collaboration I found was shockingly lacking in the current Covid-19 outbreak.”

Nationalists have been taking power all over the world in recent years, and now we discovering one of the costs of that selfish ideology.