A Public Service.

I posted recently about the mess at the Canadian border when I drove to Canada a week ago Sunday. One commenter, Dylan, found it useful. If that commenter and others read other websites, they might be misinformed about the return to the United States. It’s easier than you might think.

Because there’s some incorrect information on two different posts at Marginal Revolution, I’m pointing out the facts here.

On July 27, Alex Tabarrok wrote:

In other words, a fully vaccinated citizen can now fly to Canada (with Canadian requirements) but if they want back in they need to have had a virus test.

This is true only if the person is flying back to the United States. If the person is driving, no virus test is needed. You don’t even need evidence of vaccination. This is, of course, for U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

On August 1, Tyler Cowen wrote:

Yes you need a negative result on the test to return to the United States

Again, true if you’re flying, but not if you’re driving.