My debate teammate Vivek Wadhwa accepted my offer to post a response to my analysis of the debate.  Vivek:

Bryan, feel free to post what
you like. I am in favor of legalizing all the workers who are in the US and
bringing in people that the country needs. I do not advocate open borders. I
believe in exporting prosperity, not importing poverty.

You can blame me for the defeat,
but the consensus at the event by the people I spoke to was that what lost the
day was the image that our opponents planted of 20 million Haitians begging on
the streets of NYC. You didn’t refute that or answer the question about how we
would provide medical assistance and schooling to these people when we can’t
even look after our existing population. No one–including me–bought your
analogies or arguments. You were smug, arrogant, and resorted to silly
analogies. Your views on the minimum wage show that you are out of touch with
the hardships that people in this country suffer.

Also you would not open up your
home doors to the poor or be happy if someone with lesser skills was given your
job because they were ready to work longer hours and accept a lower salary. It
is easy to preach.

Please do add these comments to
your post.