Zimran (“Winterspeak”) Ahmed points to a survey article by The Economist of issues raised by the aging of the population.

This survey will argue that the promises governments have made to people retiring today are too large to be met in full. As a result, people will have to work longer, and retire later, than they do now. And the old will have to insure themselves for more of the cost of health care.

Ahmed opines,

I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about the deficit unless they immediately begin to list ways of taking things away from old people and making them work harder and longer. Otherwise you aren’t really bothered by the deficit at all.

I would amend Ahmed’s statement slightly by saying that the current elderly are not the issue. It is those of us fifty and younger who need to have our expectations lowered for the amount of government support we will receive when we get older.

For Discussion. By Ahmed’s standard, are there any major political figures who are serious about the deficit?